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Wave Internet

The Latest Broadband Alternative Is Now Here ….

As recommended by NP Estates

Slow Broadband ? The new alternative is now here ….

We have had many clients over the years who have told us that their broadband connection is less than satisfactory, in fact sometimes none existent. Sometimes, depending on distance from the local exchange, download speeds can be very slow, especially at peak usage times. Others, who live in semi rural areas, typically on the edge of townships or perhaps in valley locations, are especially vulnerable to poor internet speeds. Even though the government have introduced broadband initiative schemes for rural locations many people still are unable to get connected and are unlikely to do so for many years to come – solution ‘Wave Internet’ . Rather than using existing cable infrastructure, i.e sending the broadband signal down BT’s phone lines, Wave have commissioned a series of radio towers throughout the North West which enables them to beam broadband signals directly to your property.  Having trialled this new simple but effective broadband alternative, some of the staff members at NP Estates are now connected via Wave.

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Tired of buffering?

Wave make high-speed wireless broadband simple, affordable and available for everyone in Lancashire. If you are fed up with slooooooooow internet speeds, tired of watching the ‘buffering’ sign and waiting for the page to refresh, then Wave have the answer.

High Speed Internet

Our service is simple; high speed internet, no cables, no techie speak… just reliable fast internet to allow you to watch online movies, on demand TV, online gaming, all at blistering speeds. So if you work from home, Skype often, stream HD videos, use Netflix, iPlayer or have several people online at the same time, get in touch.

We Are Unique

Based in Lancashire, dedicated Wave AirFibre wireless connection points have just been installed in your area. With no phone line needed, no overseas call centres, what are you waiting for?! We own all of our mast sites. We do not rent public masts meaning we have no pressure to oversubscribe our sites unlike other suppliers. We operate a policy of limited numbers per mast in order to ensure superfast broadband for all of our customers.

For further details please email Wave Internet directly using the contact form below. Thank you.

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