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Adding a Sense of Space

No matter how big your home, it’s important to maximise the rooms to create a sense of space, especially if you are trying to sell your property.

Here are some tips to make any home feel more spacious:88

•Mirrors –

They are great for making your home feel more spacious. In small areas large mirrors can be used to make the room look longer or wider. They are especially useful in hallways where they can be used to manipulate the perception of space by reflecting light and colour.

•Choose the right furniture –

Having too big a dining table in your dining room can make the area shrink. To maximize space, put up roman blinds rather than curtains, and plan your storage carefully so that clutter is out of sight. This is especially important in the bedroom, because the less clutter you see, the more relaxing the room will be.

•Neutral colours –

Match neutral colours on the walls with similar flooring in downstairs spaces to give the impression of space flowing from one room to another. Bright shades of carpet or distracting patterns are to be avoided.

If you follow all of these ideas then you are sure to achieve the maximum use of space in your home, and in turn attain the highest possible price for it.